Global REIT


A brief of our strategy on how we plan to grow the Global REIT brand and achieve our financial and goals, as well as what we have done so far
  • November, 2017
    Concept Design & Development
  • January, 2018
    Company Formation
  • February, 2018
    Blockchain Technology Platform
  • May, 2018
    Pre ICO
  • June, 2018
    Public ICO
  • January, 2019
    Acquisition of asset in the UAE
    Hotel asset of approx. USD 75M
  • July, 2019
    Dividend distribution
  • February, 2021
    Acquisition of new asset class in the UAE
    Commercial project of approx. USD 100M
  • March, 2021
    App Launched
  • September, 2021
    Acquisition of new assets
  • 2022
    New Added Values

The Digital Asset Investment Platform

Global Reit